OPFOR M4/M16 Carbine 9 mm – AK47 Look-alike

This new Kit allows users to modify an existing M4 by simply changing the operational collapsible butt for a wooden rifle butt and changing the operational 5.56mm upper for a 9mm AK47 OPFOR upper, thus providing a realistic visual and force on force training aid for the main training audience. This kit provides normal weapon employment cues for the OPFOR mimicking the visual signature of an AK47 during force-on-force, interactive live fire with marking rounds, scenario tasks and mission execution. The system is an essential force-on-force training tool for the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) used in Urban Operations, Close Quarters Combat, and Mission Rehearsal Exercises. The AK47 OPFOR upper conversion kit is compatible with all 9 mm FX marking cartridges and consists of one 9 mm AK47 upper, two 20-round magazines, one butt stock and one blue barrel indicator.

Simunition® product no. 5319050

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