SRTA 7.62 mm


7.62SRTA Ft-Riley No2

7.62mm SRTA indoor range - metal plate

7.62mm SRTA MK48


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Short Stop® Short-Range Training Ammunition (SRTA) rounds are designed for use on ranges where ricochet and stray bullets present a problem. The unique design of the Short Stop® bullet allows it to match the accuracy of conventional ammunition at 100 m, while reducing maximum range to 600 m. These lethal cartridges are not to be fired at personnel.


762 Ball Distance Graph




All Short Stop® cartridges feature projectiles produced from a frangible copper-filled polymer, which lowers the danger of ricochet and splash back while eliminating environmental contamination. The unique Short Stop® tracer represents a quantum leap in technology by incorporating tracer technology with a short-range frangible projectile. This projectile has day and night tracing capabilities. It is safe to use and meets environmental regulations. It has the same interior and exterior ballistics as an SRTA ball round.



  • Non-toxic bullet;
  • Greatly reduced safety/danger zone ; greater training flexibility;
  • Accuracy and ballistic match to conventional ammunition at 100 m;
  • Convoy protection, live-fire training;
  • Same recoil, noise level and function as conventional ammunition;
  • Decreased damage to range infrastructure and targets;
  • Less barrel wear;
  • Ball and tracer version;
  • Surface Danger Zone (SDZ) is approximately 10% of conventional munitions.



  • Training in urban areas with greatly reduced safety templates;
  • Training on indoor ranges where reduced ricochet is critical;
  • Sniper-initiated assault training at facilities using improvised bullet traps;
  • Firing off ships at remote targets.