About Us




To be recognized as the world leader for short-range, non-toxic training cartridges and to provide the best training systems possible so that officers, military forces and approved range members can engage in experience building and ultimately lifesaving exercises.



We have three types of cartridge to meet your needs:



The CQT® target training system which is comprised of CQT® cartridge and a weapon conversion kit are ideal for target shooting, indoors or out, for basic firearms training or advanced tactical shooting exercises.



The GREENSHIELD® is a truly frangible, lead-free, full-energy training ammunition, designed to reduce health and safety hazards by eliminating exposure to lead and other heavy metals.



The SHORT STOP® Short-Range Training Ammunitions (SRTA) are designed for use on ranges where ricochet and stray bullets travelling beyond standard target distances pose a problem.



Our worldwide network of distributors is managed by regional managers across Canada and the United States. Click on the top menu – Find your Distributor – then select your country in order to locate your specific distributor.