9 mm and 5.56 mm CQT® Training Ammunition



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This training ammunition functions in duty pistols and rifles. Firearms must be equipped with an appropriate Simunition® conversion kit. It is ideal for target shooting, indoors or out, for basic firearms training or advanced tactical shooting exercises. CQT® (Close Quarters Target) ammunition is an integral part of our reduced-energy training system. This cartridge is not to be fired at personnel.




Requiring no special ballistic infrastructure or sophisticated bullet trap devices, this cartridge can be used on reactive, paper or cardboard targets in urban or suburban environments, indoors or out, in improvised facilities or on conventional ranges, without risk of damage to the training facilities. The 9 mm CQT® cartridge produces recoil similar to live ammunition and features tactical accuracy up to 33 feet (10 meters) while the 5.56 CQT® is up to 100 feet (30 m). It is considered highly effective small-cartridge training system by professionals worldwide.



  • Non-toxic cartridge (9 mm);
  • Accurate at tactical ranges, but reduced safety template;
  • Similar recoil and sound level to ball ammunition;
  • Reduces accidents and operational restrictions (noise abatement requirements);
  • Lower range construction and maintenance costs;
  • Allows for variable range configurations;
  • Convenient target training any place, any time, indoors or out;
  • Will not damage training structures;
  • Surface Danger Zone (SDZ) is less than 1% of conventional ammunition;
  • Do not require large impact areas.


  • Basic firearms familiarization and skill development;
  • Advanced tactical shooting exercises;
  • Static or reactive target practice without a range or ballistic facility;
  • On conventional ranges or in shoot houses;
  • Shoot/No shoot decisions on pop-up targets;
  • Tactical scenarios;
  • Urban fighting (MOUT/FIBUA).


Simunition®Conversion Kits

To further enhance the realism of its training exercises, we have developed simple, inexpensive, easy-to-install conversion kits and bolts that allow its CQT® ammunition to be fired from the officer’s own service weapons with near-normal recoil. As both an integral and essential part of a training system which stresses user safety, these kits help preclude the inadvertent chambering of live ammunition and ensure the proper operation and cycling of the weapons with CQT® training ammunition.